For Students

1. On your home computer go to the following website:
2. Click ENTER (right hand side of the screen)
3. Locate the "PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS LOGIN" section of the web page.
4. Login to your using the School Code: FCPSLakeBraddockOrchestra
5. You will be asked to enter your case sensitive student password: "Student ID Number"
Ex: This is your seven digit school ID number
6. Click "UPDATE INFO"
7. Check your name/address/phone #, etc. Make any changes necessary.
8. Enter your personal email address in the space provided.
9. Click on "Adult's Information" tab at bottom of screen.
a. Enter information for parent 1 if applicable. b. Enter information for parent 2 if applicable.
10. Click the green "UPDATE" button in upper right hand corner to save your info.
11. Exit or look at other information on Charms such as Practice Logs, locker info, and the calendar.
12. Download the APP for Apple Products (Droid versions are also available) on your phone.